How Much Does A Cockatiel Cost?

You must be wondering How much does a cockatiel cost? Have you ever considered getting a pet cockatiel, but the idea of costs scared you? So I was there summarizing the cost of the cockatiel and how much their accessories and care are. I have compiled all these things in this article.

How Much Does A Cockatiel Cost?

How Much Does A Cockatiel Cost? The price of cockatiels varies depending on where you get to cockatiel from, their condition, and popularity. However, on average, the cost of cockatiel ranges from $80-$250! This is a great deal considering the great companions that cockatiel makes.

Of course, this depends on several factors, such as the place of purchase and the condition in which they purchased it, the popularity of the cockatiels at the time, and several other things.

But let’s not forget the cost of the basic things and accessories your pet will need and the care they will need after their purchase.

Costs of Owning a Cockatiel

The cost of owning a small bird as a pet can quickly add up. The total price tag can be more than what you initially expected. Don’t acquire a pet cockatiel under the false assumption that it will cost less than a cat or a dog. Please don’t assume it will take up less of your time than other pets.

A cockatiel will need a bigger cage than a canary or smaller pet bird. It will also require more handling and bonding time than plenty of other pets like fish or turtles. In addition, these birds will need a steady supply of food, durable toys, and some basic training.

The cost you’re expected to spend as a beginner cockatiel owner ranges anywhere from $300 to $1000.

Even a relatively inexpensive bird like a cockatiel will need a financial commitment from you, the owner. Keep in mind the additional expenses you will incur during your bird’s life. These will include tests at the vet’s office, such as psittacosis and vaccinations, and perhaps micro-chipping.

Other expenses you must expect to pay for throughout owning a pet cockatiel are bird seeds and pellets, treats, fruits, and vegetables, vitamin supplements, cage and bird cleaning supplies, toys, and routine exams at the vet. In addition, your cockatiel will typically need vaccinations and wing-clippings.

Bring a cockatiel home

Before deciding to bring a cockatiel back into your home for yourself and the rest of your family, make a careful decision to figure out if you can afford one-both financially and time-wise. Don’t make an impulse buy, only to be unable to provide a kind of environment that will keep you and the bird happy and healthy.

All types of pets need a certain degree of time and money.

Place to Purchase Cockatiels

The most popular pet stores are PetSmart and Petco, but it is important to note that they are not the only options. You can also find cockatiels at some parrot breeders and even adopt them.

There are rescue teams where you can search and adopt centers with cockatiels. Another great way to find cockatiel is through ads in the newspaper, friends, and social networks such as the Facebook market.

Other great resources are PetFinder.comOpens in a new tab. and the Humane Society in your local community. These are great places that help you find parrots that need a home and are often much less expensive than many stores. Again, this benefits both you and your cockatiel.

Essentials and Accessories Cost


The first thing you need to buy for your cockatiel is a cage. The cage will be home for your cockatiel, so you must meet all its requirements—the bigger the cage, the better for your cockatiel.

The minimum cage size is 24″ long by 18″ wide by 24″ tall. For two cockatiels, this doubles to 48 inches tall and 48 inches deep because cockatiels are active birds; the taller cage, the better.

The cage should also have horizontal bars. They will give your cockatiel fun and exercise because, in that way, they will be able to climb on the side of the cage. The bars should be about half an inch apart. Any larger cockatiel can try to sneak its head through the bars.

When it comes to cockatiel cages and other enclosures, the price range falls between an average of $50(for the minimum size suitable for cockatiels) to over $100 for a large cage suitable to house one or two birds. An aviary will cost around $300.

There are many great places to buy a cage. For example, Amazon they have two great options. This one has a perfect size and is especially very tall, which is good. But this one has more vertical wires than horizontal ones.

Another option is this one with the same size but not as tall. But unlike the previous one, this one has horizontal wires.

Inside the cage

There are also plenty of things to buy for the cage inside. These include a hammock tied to the top where the cockatiel can be laid, bedding, and other hanging devices. These things vary in price.

Bedding(costs $15 on average)

There are different types of bedding. These include sand aspen, wood pellets, recycled paper, or cage liners. Each type of bedding has its advantages and disadvantagesOpens in a new tab.. For example, using sand at the bottom of the cage can be very messy.

Your cockatiel may throw sand on the floor, but natural sand provides a more natural habitat for your cockatiel.

The most important thing is to do good research and find what will be best for you and your cockatiel. But if you want to use bedding commercially, the average price ranges from $10-$20 for each 8 kg bag.

Food and Water Bowls

Cockatiels usually prefer food plates that can be clipped on the side of the cage. Birds like to eat in the air rather than on the ground because the air is their comfort zone. Most are sturdy plastic because they are the easiest to clean and the safest for your cockatiel. On Amazon, this costs $10.

Water bowls cant be near food bowls, open. This is because cockatiels are quite messy birds and will always get their water dirty by putting food or feathers in the water. To avoid this problem, unique water bowls are designed specifically for this type of bird.

They are often called water silos. On Amazon, prices range from $6-$13, depending on what you want.

Their Toys

Cockatiels are very smart petsOpens in a new tab. which means they can quickly get bored in the cage if there is nothing to entertain them. That is why many toys need to be provided.

If you do not have enough space in the cage, you should typically change your toys. This will preserve the variety and prevent your bird from getting bored.

Many things can be taken as toys. For example, there are great kabobs, blocks, and cell phones. This will cost you around $20 on average. The most important thing is to make sure that the toys are of good quality and have enough to change them.

Their Food

Cockatiels and other birds a long time ago were fed with pellets designed to give them everything they needed. Bird owners now provide commercial formulas for seeds, fresh fruits and vegetables, and other necessary supplements.

Cockatiels need a mixture of seeds that contain oats, red millet, and other nutrients.

Cockatiels have unique digestive systems and are weird when it comes to food. Because of this, you will need a few extra things for your bird.

The first of these is the cuttlebone. In many parrots, the teeth and beaks never stop growingOpens in a new tab.. Cockatiels are one of many. This can become a severe problem for your pet.

Cuttlebone has a great surface area that helps cockatiels grind down their beaksOpens in a new tab.. Eating them can also be a great source of calcium for your bird.

Second, they will need a mineral block. This will provide them with another way to keep their beak in good health and provide them with all the nutrients and minerals.

In total, the inside of the cage will cost about $30-$60 to set up for the first time.

Annual Cost of Cockatiels

As you know, pets are living creatures which means that they are like us humans who need care and attention throughout the year. So before you take a pet, it is good to first look at how much it will cost you per year.

Only this way will you make sure that you have enough funds to give your pet the care it deserves.

The average annual cost of maintaining a cockatiel is $200-$300 each year. This doesn’t include additional visits to the vet that may occur unforeseen. This average annual cost is composed of multiple yearly prices. These include the cost of food, toys, and treats, bedding, and veterinary examinations.

Cost of Cockatiel Care

As for the unexpected visits to the vet, several health problems can occur in cockatiels. The average amount of money spent on surgery in 2020 was about $200.

To prevent this, the veterinary bill is necessary to take serious steps to prevent injuries and disease. First, carefully follow your cockatiel and ensure your bird has no symptoms or pain. Also, make sure that their home is always clean and safe.

About the Cockatiel

Cockatiels are great pets for first-time owners because they are cheap and easy to own. In addition, they are one of the most popular birds because of their friendly and loving personality. They are also straightforward to train and quite intelligent.

Cockatiels can even learn to speak. However, although females can learn, males are far more successful. In addition, they are more likely to learn before they are 12 weeks old.

The lifespan of cockatielOpens in a new tab. varies considerably. They can live for 10 to 14 years old. It all depends on what kind of life you provide for them. They usually spend 10-12 hours a day sleeping.

You will need to spend at least one quality hour with your cockatiel. They will also want to spend a lot of time with you, and the more time you spend with them, the more trust and love will be built into your relationship.

This only applies if you have two or more cockatiels. If you have only one cockatiel, you will need to spend at least 4 hours a day. This is because they are very social and kind creatures which means they can’t be ignored or neglected.

Cockatiel hygiene

Cockatiels hygiene is crucial. They must be kept clean to prevent diseases for your bird to have a happy and healthy life.

It is recommended to clean the cage at least once a week. It is also necessary to completely clean, disinfect, replace old food, water and bedding at least once a month. Don’t use soap when cleaning the cage. Instead, there is a disinfectant that is safe for your bird.

Always check the labels and research to ensure the disinfectant is safe to use.

Your cockatiel will need a bath every one to two days. The best way to do this is to fill a spray bottle with lukewarm water. Then, spray on them until their feathers are wet. This is best to do in the morning when they wake up to dry completely before bed.

Cockatiel Enthusiast

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