Why Is My Cockatiel Clicking Its Beak?

One of the sounds you will notice in your cockatiel is that it clicks on its beak. This will surely make you wonder, Why Is My Cockatiel Clicking Its Beak? Cockatiels, like all other parrots, make different sounds. Although they can not use words to communicate with us, these sounds allow them to communicate so that all owners who have a pet in their home will understand.

Why Is My Cockatiel Clicking Its Beak?

Why Is My Cockatiel Clicking Its Beak? Your cockatiel will click its beak to show that they are happy and comfortable in your home. It is also very common for your cockatiel to use this as a friendly greeting when you return to the room or walk through the door after work. This is a sign that your cockatiel is excited to see you and spend time with you.

You can even learn how to click on them to show them that you are happy to see your cockatiel.

Let’s take a closer look at why your cockatiel clicks with its beak and explore some of the sounds that cockatiel can make when it wants to communicate with its owner.

When you bring a cockatiel home, you can notice that they click with their big beak and make new noises. They can make this kind of noise by pooping the top of the upper beak against the lower beak.

Some parrots, such as the African Gray, can make this kind of noise by clicking on their throat.

As you can see, this clicking noise, whether it is in the beak or some other part of the anatomy, many different birds make this clicking noise.

The good thing is that you probably won’t hear this very often, and it could be a way for a cockatiel to communicate with you.

For most cockatiels and many other birds, clicking on the beak will be a sign of happiness and comfort. However, sometimes cockatiels use it as a friendly greeting when you walk past them or when you come across another bird at that time.

The Connection Between Cockatiels and Owners

When you first bring cockatiels into your home, they can show that they are happy to meet you by making some of the clicking sounds. If they approach you and make a clicking noise simultaneously, it is a good sign that the bird likes you.

You can also use this sound back to your cockatiel if you like that. For many people, it is easy to make this noise by clicking even if you have a problem mimicking some of the other sounds of the cockatiel.

You can also show your bird that you are happy to see her and use this as a greeting when you walk in the doorOpens in a new tab.. Again, this can be a great way to build a relationship with your cockatiel.

As you feel comfortable when your cockatiel is in your home, you will begin to recognize the different sounds they make every day more and more.

This will help you know when the bird is happy, sadOpens in a new tab., or have something that bothers them a lot. You may even be able to mimic some of the sounds over time.

Is This Clicking Noise Normal For Your Cockatiel?

This clicking noise is perfectly normal for your cockatiel. Of course, some do this more often than others, but this is still more of a personality trait than anything else. This can also be a good sign that your cockatiel is excited to see you.

Because many cockatiels will use this sign as a greeting or show that they are happy for something, it is good to see them using it.

Every time your cockatiel uses the clicking can be good and entirely normal for them. So whether they do it when you play with them, when you enter the room, or in some other situation, the noise is completely normal. Also, the sounds that cockatiels makeOpens in a new tab., such as chirping and whistling, are normal for them.

Will Beak Clicking Harm To My Cockatiel?

Clicking is not harmful to your cockatiel at all. It’s just another of the many sounds your bird has learned to make over time. If they hear other cockatiels do it, they will probably do the same for the same reason as their friends do.

Many cockatiels will learn to do this on their own without the help of other cockatiels nearby. So it will not be harmful at all to do this.

From our point of view, we see clicking as a kind of communication with our cockatiel, and it makes more sense because you can see that it does not harm the bird at all.

Your cockatiel can choose when they want to use the click and have complete control over when they will use it and when they will not. It is not a sign that the bird is sick or something is wrong with them, so they do no harm.

What Should I Do If My Cockatiel Clicks Its Beak?

You don’t need to do anything when your cockatiel chooses to click on you. This is a normal sound they make to show that they are satisfied or happy with what is happening in their life. This is not a sign that something is wrong with them, so it is unnecessary to worry too much about it.

If you want, it will not be bad for you to take some time to learn how to click back on them. However, if they’re going to do this when you walk in the door, it would be a friendly greeting for both of you to share when you get home.

This clicking sound does not have to be advanced to convey the purpose.

What are Some of the Other Noises My Cockatiel May Make?

Clicking is just one of the many sounds you will hear from your cockatiel over time. They are not able to speak, but they have different sounds that are good to get your attention and make sure that you understand what they are saying in the process.

Some of the other sounds you may notice in your cockatiel are:


This is a good sound it makes because, in this way, your cockatiel shows that he is happy and healthy.

Happy Chirps

You will quickly notice that your cockatiel loves to chirp, and it will not take long to understand what happy chirps mean. If your cockatiel is happy, then he will chirp all day.


Many cockatiels like to spend time in conversation. Sometimes this is weird, but it seems like they are talkingOpens in a new tab. to each other when they do this.


You may hear your cockatiel want to sing sometimes. This is a common combination of cockatiels made up of different sounds, including whistles and chirps. This is a good sign that the bird is safe and satisfied.


This is almost like hissing at you. This may warn someone who seems to be attacking their space. If you have more birds in one cage and you hear this sound, then it is a sign that you need to take your birds away to be safe and give them more space.

These are just a few of the sounds you will often hear from your cockatiel. In addition, they have a variety of languages that are fun to listen to and can help them communicate when they are happy or upset. You will quickly learn all the sounds to understand your bird a little better.

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Hearing Clicking Noise from Your Cockatiel

This clicking sound may sound strange to you when you first hear it, but it is perfectly normal for your cockatiel to do this around you.

This shows how happy your cockatiel is, especially when they do it when you walk in the door, and you have not been there for a long time. It’s a light sound so you can imitate it to show your cockatiel that you like it and you watch it with pleasure.

There is no need to worry when you hear these noises from your cockatiel. These are entirely normal noises and can even be good and beneficial for your cockatiel. So let them use this way of communicating with you to feel healthy and happy.

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